We encourage everyone to give of their income to the church, not because the church needs money (though we do need money), but because the Bible says they should. For where one’s treasure is, there one’s heart will be also. We believe it may be good to support independent Christian organizations and missionaries, but that supporting these should ideallt be through the local church, which is the pillar and ground of truth – not apart from it. In addition, support of these should not detract from one’s support of the local church. Christians are not required to give a certain percentage of their income to the church, but they should give with an amount and regularity that is appropriate for helping them fix their heart on heavenly things rather than earthly. Thus it is not sufficient to haphazardly give out of one’s pocket change on a weekly basis – it is to be a planned, deliberate giving. In the Old Testament people were required to give at least 10% for the support of the religious organization. This is not a binding percentage for the New Testament, but is an indication of what was considered by God sufficient for most to help fix their focus on heaven.

You may give cash or through your bank account. We do not pass around a collection plate, so if you give cash you need to ask to do so.  Our bank account number is 9615.13.41443.